In 2019, Dayal Pipes ventured into the manufacturing of Okoume Face Veneer under the name and style of, Aurum International, a veneer manufacturing company, having our Plant & Facilities in Gabon, on the central western coast of Africa.

Here, we have a production capacity of over 25000 CBM per year, equipped with state of the art, Hydraulic Peeling Machines, Debarkers, Dryers, clippers and a work force of more than a 100 people with a dedicated support staff.

The best available raw material (Okoume Timber) is used to deliver a high quality product, available in a wide range of sizes and grades, as per your needs. We are importing our Face Veneer in India, for sale in the Plywood Market with the support of a developing Dealer & Distribution network.

Aucoumea Klaineana or Okoume is a timber species native to equatorial west Africa in Gabon, Republic of Congo and Rio Muni. It is a large hardwood tree growing to 30-40 Mtr. Tall, with a trunk diameter of 1.0 Mtr – 2.5 Mtr. It has a pinkish-brown or pale red hue. Okoume has a uniform texture and the grain is straight to barely wavy that looks interlocked and attractive.

In Gabon, harvested under the Sustainable Forest Management Plan, ensures transparency and abundant availability. Okoume is a superior quality tropical timber with low density.

The colour of Okoume makes it suitable for decorative veneers also. It is easily peelable in lower thickness upto 0.2mm. This reduces the consumption of timber for face veneers and hence is more eco-friendly.

  • The major use of Okoume is in manufacture of veneer and plywood.
  • Its attractive appearance means that it is often used decoratively as the top surface veneer in paneling and furniture.
  • Products : Face Veneer & Core Veneer
  • Production Capacity : Over 25000 CBM Per Year
  • Thickness : 0.2MM to 3.0 MM
  • Sizes : 2.44x1.22, 2.44x0.92, 2.14x1.22, 1.83x1.22, 1.53x1.22
  • Grades : All Grades Available

Gabon Office

  • Address : Plot No C-B5, Nkok P.K. 27, BP 1024, Libreville, Gabon
  • Email : info@aurumintlsuarl.com
  • Website : www.aurumveneer.com

India Office

  • Address : Kms. - 10, Delhi Road, Partapur Industrial Area, Meerut (Uttar Pradesh), PIN - 250103
  • Email : dayalpipes@gmail.com
  • Phone : +91 - 8874207207