Readymade Boundary Walls

The traditional brick walls are getting costlier to construct day by day, both financially and punctually. Moreover, it is a dead investment. Our Readymade Boundary Wall is cheap, durable, lifelong and easy to erect. It is also known by the different names such as Precast Boundary Wall, Prestressed Concrete Wall, Readymade Compound Wall etc.

The design is based on a panel and post system, in which the panel is provided with grooves to accommodate the panels. Our 50mm thickness based Readymade RCC Boundary Walls are currently available in various heights such as 6 ft, 8 ft & 10 ft.

Our Precast RCC Compound / Boundary Walls are ideally suited for societies, colonies, industries, warehousing, demarcation, open stores for infrastructure developers etc.

  • Early Construction (Upto 50 mtr length in a day)
  • Early Construction (Upto 50 mtr length in a day)
  • Cost Saving
  • Ready to install as well as fully recoverable if required
  • Longer life than brick wall
  • No Plastering required
  • Dev Priya Product Ltd.
  • Nelco India Pvt. Ltd.