Ready - Mix Concrete (RMC)

We at Dayal Ready-Mix Concrete, are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality concrete (RMC) in Meerut. Dayal Ready-Mix has a team of concrete specialists that can help you analyze your project and provide an innovative concrete mix design to fit your projects needs to ensure maximum performance and cost efficiency. We believe that a superior product and experience can make the difference. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with courteous, efficient customer support and service. We are committed to establishing and supporting a solid trusted relationship with our customers.
We understand the value of the time & importance of the quality. At the end of the day, it is provided to us valuable experience in the market and everlasting relationships with the important customer like you at all the time.

  • Plant Capacity : 30 Cubic Meter Per Hour
  • Portable Pumps : 2 Nos
  • 07 Cum Transit Mixer : 05 Nos
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory
  • Live View (RMC Plant) – Customers can see the product quality live.
  • Our Plant Process is based on fully online system.
  • We are using recognized brands of cement only, such as Ultratech, Ambuja, Shree etc.
  • Special mixes can be designed on your request.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Our Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) has been used in a very wide scope, stretching across schools, industries, bridges, office developments, public buildings and houses.

Volume of production of ready-mixed concrete depends on the demand of the customer. Usually, orders are placed from the construction sites. Stringent quality checks are carried out before supplying the ready-mixed concrete to the construction sites. Samples are collected and tested in the laboratory as per specifications.
RMC At Dayal Ready-Mix Concrete is produced in its fully automated and computerized concrete batching plant. Dayal Concrete manufactures and supplies concrete mixes which are specified by the customer, the customer specification is designed by producing trial mixes by technically sound quality team in its well equipped laboratory as per established procedures to comply with various provisions of Indian standards.

Once a customer places the order on Dayal Readymix Concrete, the survey team will survey the site to ensure that the transit mixer trucks can access the site.
Factors the survey team considers are: (A.) The approach road of the site and the ground condition up to the delivery point for the transit mixer should be safe. (B.) Ample space should be available for the transit mixer to access delivery point. 3. The clearances should be sufficient for moving the equipment. Dayal Readymix Concrete boasts of a fleet of 5 transit mixers of 7 M3.

Dayal Readymix has established a modern & well-equipped laboratory to ensure the highest quality for concrete. Mix designs are prepared by our experienced engineers according to IS code & continuous testing of raw materials is done for quality evaluation. Various tests are done to determine the properties of materials like stone chips, coarse sand & cement regularly. Trial mixes are produced frequently to evaluate the strength & overall performance of the mix.
During the manufacturing process, each truck is checked for the slump in order to maintain the quality & workability. Samples are crushed by our own compression testing machine. as part of the continuous research work. Concrete test report of cube samples from supplied concrete is provided to the clients as certification of the quality.

Quality RMC delivered from automatic batching plants guarantees quality since: The raw materials are liable to stringent quality and amount measure. The concrete is subject to internal quality control throughout the producing and delivery method.
A wide form of ready-mixed concrete can be made, with ease and on demand, by variable the proportions/combinations of the cement, aggregates, and admixtures.

The availability of an outsized range of cement Concrete mixer trucks that alter delivery rates to be unbroken in restraint. We provide of special services for troublesome worksites like pumps, conveyors, etc. and we have the power to adapt the pace of deliveries to the customer’s wants.

Basic materials are no longer hold on the site and this reduces the necessity for space for storing. Plant and machinery for blending concrete are not required. Wastage of basic materials is avoided.